What you must know about the CryptoKitties hype (and how to use it)

If you’re in the tech world, you must’ve heard about CryptoKitties. CryptoKitties is an online game that works on the Ethereum blockchain. In the game you collect virtual cats, which you can use for breeding and selling.

CryptoKitties has been in the news lately a lot, simply because there are millions of Dollars going on in this virtual industry.

How does CryptoKitties work?

The game is all about breeding your own virtual cat. Simple as that. 1 + 1 = 3. There are at least 4 billion unique genetical possibilities. If you have your unique new cat, you can keep it or sell it in the marketplace. You pay with Ethers, the digital coin on Ethereum.

  1. Buy Ether on Coinbase (this is a referral, we both get $100
  2. Install the MetaMask Google Chrome extension
  3. Create an account on CryptoKitties

Ethereum blockchain

According to the (decentralized) blockchain principle, your CryptoKitties are yours to have only. They can’t be destroyed, copied or stolen. The application is build on smart contracts and – so the makers say – made to show the world that blockchain technology is (easy) accessible to everybody.

Have fun, breeding and selling your virtual cats!

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